Happy Spring!

Hey y’all! It’s been a little while so I wanted to give some updated/info!

// Mike Hugenor’s chapbook “SJHC” is officially out of print! Shout out to everyone who purchased a copy. I was happy to work with a friend on this project, and it feels great that there was such a positive response.

// With that said, Lilac Press will be looking to keep the momentum! After much contemplation, I decided I’m going to publish a chapbook of dedication poems titled “Como Uña y Mugre” under the LPDIY label. The poems are essentially a companion piece to the manuscript I’ve been working on for the last year and a half, honoring those who have inspired me along the way. Right now I’m figuring out logistics. More info soon!

// AND, I’ll be looking to publish something in the fall/winter. There’s some ideas floating around. Stay tuned!


This is a resurrection

After several years of inactivity, I’m so happy to announce that Lilac Press is back!

This month we released our 2nd effort: Mike Hugenor’s fiction chapbook “SJHC.” The release is 32 pages and features a hand-stamped cover. The two stories, “Disconnection Night” & “The Cleaner” deal with feelings of isolation, and the reality of feeling like a stranger in your own hometown.

Bio: Mike Huguenor is a musician and writer from San Jose, CA. In 2002, he started the band Shinobu. Since, he has played with Hard Girls, Jeff Rosenstock, Classics of Love, and others. He regularly covers music and culture in San Jose for the Silicon Valley Metro. SJHC is his first collection of fiction.

You can purchase the chapbook here.

More soon!