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Center Justify: An AWP Offsite Extravaganza


There will be readings! There will be unforgettable performances! There will be camaraderie!
And there will be dinner! (meat + vegan DUMPLINGS & FRIED CHICKEN from XLB) Come early for food!

This event is co-sponsored by:
- The Accomplices (Civil Coping Mechanisms, Entropy, Writ Large Press)
- De-Canon: A Visibility Project
- Whitenoise Project
- Asian American Writers' Workshop (AAWW)
- Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University
- PSU Native American Student and Community Center (NASCC)
- The Operating System


7-8PM -----

- Melissa Bennett
- She Who Has No Master(s): Dao Strom, Aimee Phan, Thi Bui, Vi Khi Nao
- No’u Revilla
- Nastashia Minto
- Douglas Kearney

8-9PM -----

-Nina Sharma
-Lawrence Ypil
-Alfian Sa'at
-Elæ [Lynne DeSilva-Johnson]
-Alex DiFrancesco
-Erick Sáenz
-Michaelsun Stonesweat Knapp
-Joaquin Zihuatanejo

9-10PM -----

-Jenifer Sang Eun Park
-Marwa Helal
-Casandra Lopez
-Rocío Carlos
-Trevino Brings Plenty
-Theodore Van Alst
-Gabrielle Civil